Limmer Boots

If you’re looking for some of the most comfortable, well made boots on the planet, then look no further than the Limmer Boot Company. The Limmer Boot Company offers three styles of boots and two styles of shoes. For a bomb-proof pair of classic leather mountaineering boots, you won’t go wrong with the Limmer Standard Boot.

Invoking memories of a by-gone era, the Standard boots are made from a single piece of 3.2 mm thick, top-grain leather on the outside. The inside of the boots are also all leather, with the smoothness and quality you would expect from a fine pair of gloves. Limmer has used traditional Norwegian welt construction to mate the leather uppers to the rubber and leather midsole and Vibram 8mm outsole.

I owned my first pair of Limmer Standard Boots for a good 10 years before I finally retired them, putting in hundreds of days using them outdoors in all types of weather and terrain. I’m sure I could have gotten another decade of use out of them, had I applied boot wax a bit more often and not left them in a damp basement over the winter. I won’t make the same mistake with my current pair.

If you do purchase a pair of Limmer Standard Boots be prepared for a long break-in period. Once you overcome the initial break-in period, however, you will be hard-pressed to find a more comfortable pair of footwear.

The Limmer Boot Company’s off-the-shelf boots are produced by a footware manufacturer in Bavaria. If you have pretty standard feet like I do you will find the off-the-shelf selection more than acceptable, with half- and wide-sizes available.

If, however, you have “unique” feet or simply would like to own a pair of custom-made boots of the highest quality, check-out Peter Limmer & Sons . The custom boots created by Peter Limmer & Sons at their workshop in New Hampshire are very similar in design to the Standard boot offered by the Limmer Boot Company, but they are of course made to fit your feet, and your feet alone.

Online stores:

  • Price Approx. 325 USD
  • Location New Hampshire

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